Prenatal Massage at The Wellness Room

Logo - The Wellness Room at tThe Birthing InnWe’ve created The Wellness Room to support you and your baby’s health, throughout and after pregnancy and childbirth.

We will kick off the room with a massage therapist who is passionate about supporting pregnant mothers during pregnancy, post partum, and beyond. Cortney is available for appointments starting February 16th, 2016. You can book your appointment here.

We’ll be adding more services as they become available. These might include acupuncture, yoga, facials, lactation education, and counseling for pregnant and postpartum mothers, as well as cranial sacral work for babies.

Included Extras

If you like, we can provide cupping with silicone cups, and aromatherapy with DoTerra oils – all included in the price for massage.

Know of an activity that you’d like to see in The Wellness Room? Contact us and let us know!

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