Amy Schief : Guidance and support in times of trauma, grief and loss

amy-schief-250x300I’m Amy Schief and I’m a social worker, midwife and grief support practitioner with a passion for helping others find meaning in the midst of trauma, grief and loss.

As a midwife with over twelve years of experience, I have seen the challenges many women face and the painful and life changing affects resulting from a traumatic experience during pregnancy or birth.

Combining my professional experience and my own journey through trauma healing, I support and guide people throughout the world by creating a safe environment in which they can feel and explore these challenging emotions, and finding a sense of peace.

Services provided: (specific to the birthing community)
•    Pre-pregnancy counseling
•    Pregnancy coaching: Special guidance and support during pregnancy
•    Working through birth trauma
•    Support for birth professionals

Services in greater detail:

Pre-pregnancy counseling
•    Addressing both personal fears and cultural beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth
•    Exploring birth options and finding the best birth options for you based on your strengths and personal wishes, not on what others think you should do
•    Processing a previous pregnancy or birth trauma in order to feel safe and comfortable looking ahead to your next pregnancy

Pregnancy coaching: Special guidance and support during pregnancy
•    Working together to support you through a stressful or traumatic pregnancy or pregnancy outcome
•    Supporting highly sensitive women and helping them plan for a positive birth experience
•    Providing additional support during the last weeks of pregnancy: for many women, a time that challenges our sense of control
•    Personalized guidance to address your specific needs

Working through birth trauma
•    Processing a traumatic or stressful birth experience no matter when in your life it took place
•    Providing support for partners and family members who have been affected by a birth experience

Support for birth professionals

Are you a birth professional and need a place to talk? I know from personal experience that it is often challenging to find a safe and neutral place to share your experiences. I offer support and guidance for birth professionals who are experiencing burnout or have, as care providers, experienced a traumatic or stressful birth.

Fees and logistics:

Individual sessions are held virtually by telephone, Skype or Google Hangouts or in person in and around Fribourg, Switzerland. Sessions are planned as needed to fit your life and needs at the present time. Support by email is included throughout our work together.

Sessions cost:
$125 for 60 minutes
$150 for 90 minutes
Pricing can be adjusted for low-income clients or clients in financial difficulty.

Amy Schief : Guidance and support in times of trauma, grief and loss
Registered Midwife, Social Worker, Grief Support Practitioner

I am located in Switzerland, and work with clients and groups virtually all over the world. My website and email are the best ways to contact me.

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