Hello and welcome to The Birthing Inn’s postpartum support blog!

As over 2000 families have experienced firsthand, The Birthing Inn is an amazing place where mamas and their loved ones receive the best prenatal care and go on to welcome their babies in a safe and loving environment. But TBI is also a great resource for you as you transition into your role as a new mama. We are excited to introduce and welcome you to our new postpartum support portal! Here you can find lots of great info and support from the amazing community around you.

With so much emphasis placed on the transformative time and event of your baby’s birth, the postpartum period is often left behind in classes, books and conversations with family and friends. As you and your baby are getting to know one another and you’re figuring out your new role as a mom, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or even a bit fearful. Having a safe and nurturing space to share your questions, thoughts and experiences helps greatly in building confidence and creating positive feelings moving forward. It’s all about building community!

Future blog posts will include lots of helpful info such as:

Setting up the perfect support system for you”

“How to deal with visitors following the birth of your baby”

“Things no one told me about!”

“What exactly are the baby blues?”

… birth stories, interviews, guest articles and more!

We are also excited to introduce our online postpartum support groups! Stay tuned for info about how you can join one of our weekly groups, a place where you can share your unique postpartum experience with other moms in a safe and nurturing environment from the comfort of your own home.

Take a moment to check out our new postpartum support page and be sure to check back weekly for new blog posts.

As you get to know our postpartum blog and you have an idea, suggestion, birth story or article you would like to contribute, please contact Amy at amy@thebirthinginn.com.

We’re glad you’re here!