This blog is all about connection… Connecting you to others, connecting you to information and resources, and creating support. There are some amazing resources out there and my goal is to bring them to you in a way this doable because your life as a new mom is anything but dull.

Baby blues and postpartum depression are things that we will be exploring here in the blog. Certainly, not all new moms face the challenges of postpartum depression, but those who do may feel alone and isolated. My hope is to bring attention to these challenges and offer information and support when possible.

The following article presents ways in which a mom who is struggling with postpartum depression can be supported. It is written by the most knowledgeable expert on the subject…  Moms who have been there.

It’s not always easy to ask for what we need and it helps to know that countless other moms are sharing your thoughts and feelings in how to best be supported.

Is there something that really helped you through a difficult postpartum time? We’d love to share your thoughts with other moms.