Postpartum - the fourth trimester

The Fourth Trimester

Postpartum – The Fourth Trimester

June 20, 2017

by Amy Schief, MSW, RM

Postpartum - the fourth trimester“If you “google” postpartum the only links you will find are for postpartum depression.

However being postpartum does not mean you have postpartum depression. If you want

“Listen. That’s the biggest thing.”

This blog is all about connection… Connecting you to others, connecting you to information and resources, and creating support. There are some amazing resources out there and my goal is to bring them to you in a way this doable

What moms really need after the baby arrives

What moms really need after the baby arrives

Just as you sought to create a safe and nurturing environment for the birth of your baby, so do you need the same safe, cocoon-like space in the days following your birth.

Postpartum Support

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As over 2000 families have experienced firsthand, The Birthing Inn is an amazing place where mamas and their loved ones receive the best prenatal care and go on to welcome