+ Why am I billed for both use of The Birthing Inn and my midwife's services?

Here is a common misconception that midwives are employed by the birth center. In fact, our midwives work directly for the clients that hire them to provide midwifery care and are not paid by The Birthing Inn. Clients must register at TBI and pay TBI separately from their midwife. Each Affiliated Midwife listed has what are called “privileges” at The Birthing Inn. This means that each midwife offers TBI as a birth location to her clients.

This billing structure is not unlike that of a hospital birth. If a baby is born at the hospital, a woman will receive a bill from her OB/GYN for maternity care. Additionally, she will receive a bill from the hospital for use of the facility during her birth. Please see Give Birth at TBI for more information.