+Am I a candidate for an out of hospital birth?

Medical Exclusion Criteria

Cardiovascular: compromising heart disease including uncontrolled hypertension, pulmonary embolus, pulmonary disease of uncontrolled asthma, symptomatic congenital heart defects, cardiac diastolic murmur, cardia systolic murmur 111/1V or above, previous Rh sensitization, hematocrit less than 29%, unless chronic condition present where minimum would be 28%, hemolytic disease, thrombocytopenia (plts<100,000), active smoking, active recreational marijuana.

Urinary system: moderate to severe renal disease- including nephritis

Psyco-neurological: severe mental health problem, epilepsy or seizure disorders requiring use of anticonvulsant drugs, severe recurring migraine headaches.

Endocrine: type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus, untreated hyperthyroidism

Maternal physical findings: BMI of >42 or BMI of <18 at the initiation of care, HBV, HCV, or HIV positive, evidence of active tuberculosis, absence of major uterine wall surgery, cesarean section or obstetrical complications likely to recur, gestation of more than 28 weeks with no prenatal care.

Severe socio-economic conditions that would require more resources found in the hospital than those that are available at TBI.