+ meet Amy Schief, MSW, RM:

I began working at The Birthing Inn as a birth assistant in 1999 when I was in midwifery school and later was blessed to call TBI my home base while running my own busy practice. During my 15 years at The Birthing Inn I had the pleasure of working with amazing families alongside wonderful midwives, doulas, birth assistants and childbirth educators. In 2014, I moved to Switzerland, and after a lengthy process (and the addition of a whole new language!) my midwifery license was recognized and I started again working with growing families at a birth center here in central Switzerland.

One of the most striking differences I noticed right away was the special emphasis placed on the postpartum period. Here in Switzerland, women are invited to stay at the birth center (as well as the hospital) for at least five days following the birth often with their partners! The care and attention they receive is amazing and helps to set a positive and supportive tone in the life of a new family. Once the family returns home, a midwife visits the family each day for up to a week, and in some cases longer. This is all part of the benefits she receives through her insurance and is standard of care!

Needless to say, my perspective and knowledge of the postpartum period has changed a great deal. My heart will always be connected to The Birthing Inn, so I am happy to continue to be involved in assisting moms and families sort through the sometimes challenging postpartum issues that can occur. The postpartum period is an amazing and special time, but it can also be filled with struggles. I am here to help you navigate your way thru this journey. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I am also happy to be offering one-on-one postpartum support sessions for moms (and partners) who would like a bit of extra time to talk about all the joys and challenges of the postpartum time.

pre-pregnancy counseling

Addressing both personal fears and cultural beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth. Exploring birth options and finding the best birth options for you based on your strengths and personal wishes, not on what others think you should do. Processing a previous pregnancy or birth trauma in order to feel safe and comfortable looking ahead to your next pregnancy.

pregnancy coaching

Special guidance & support during pregnancy: Working together to support you through a stressful or traumatic pregnancy or pregnancy outcome. Providing additional support during the last weeks of pregnancy for many women, a time that challenges our sense of control. Personalized guidance to address your specific needs.

working through birth trauma

Processing a traumatic or stressful birth experience no matter when in your life it took place. Providing support for partners and family members who have been affected by a birth experience.

support for birth professionals

Are you a birth professional and need a place to talk? I know from personal experience that it is often challenging to find a safe and neutral place to share your experiences. I offer support and guidance for birth professionals who are experiencing burnout or have, as care providers, experienced a traumatic or stressful birth.

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When you give birth at TBI, you are invited to schedule a complimentary phone conversation facilitated by Amy Schief, MSW, RM. This session is offered to explore any postpartum issues or concerns in a safe and nurturing environment, from the comfort of your own home. Schedule Now