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Doula’s are not Midwives or Physicians. In fact, they don’t provide medical care at all. They are actually birthing coaches who are specially trained and experienced in the process of birthing. This might include emotional support, education, or physical support both during and after labor.

There are actually three main types of doulas:

Birth Doula – This is the most common doula. She’ll usually meet with you a few weeks before your expected delivery date and walk you through the process to prepare you. She’s an experienced and trained person who can answer all of your questions, ease your fears, and get you ready for your new baby. They are specifically trained to be a calm, knowledgeable presence through the sometimes anxious moments of birthing, and you’ll be glad you had her at your side!

Antepartum Doula – Special cases sometimes require an Antepartum Doula. She specializes in the first weeks before the birth of high-risk pregnancies. Again, she’s trained in helping you deal with the emotional and physical needs just like the other doulas, but for more specifically taxing situations.

Doula’s specifically aren’t medical practitioners, so they aren’t replacements for a midwife or a doctor to deliver your baby. But the great deal of training and experience that they offer is an invaluable asset for the whole family. Here are a few resources to help you find the perfect Doula for you!

Postpartum Doula – As the name implies, this doula is one that focuses on the time immediately after you’ve given birth. Newborns bring a ton of new anxieties, stresses, and skill requirements to a family. So this doula brings experience and training in how to care for a newborn and adapt to the new lifestyle.

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