Lactation Support

An important support, guidance & education resource for ALL of your feeding goals!


Zoe Ruaboro, Lactation Education Counselor, IBCLC

At River Lactation, Zoe is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) that offers holistic support that celebrates the transformative journey that is Matrescence, embracing feminine physiology, autonomy, and intuition. She believe that mothers should be heard and supported, being that they offer some of the most valuable work that there is.

Zoe has spent the past 5 years pursuing education and training that would allow her to support women and their babies, and is very passionate in her work. She offers a holistic and collaborative approach to lactation care, embracing mother’s and baby’s unique physiology, autonomy and intuition. When it comes to breastfeeding education, Zoe emphasizes the importance of identifying your infant feeding goals, understanding what is normal & expected, and the power of support. Zoe knows that when parents are truly supported and taken care of, then so are their babies.

After your baby’s arrival, Zoe is available for one on one lactation help. No matter what your feeding goals are, she is here to help you reach them with peace and confidence.

Zoe is located on site at The Birthing Inn and virtually.