Pregnancy Timeline

Planning your birth can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! Take a look at each trimester for guidance on how to prepare and plan during your pregnancy.

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1st Trimester – Conception to 12 Weeks

Congratulations on your Pregnancy! These are the first days of your pregnancy journey. Growing a human being can be exhausting and overwhelming. A first step might be to:

  • Call (253)761-8939 to call and learn about our services and facility and sign up for our monthly Open House & Tour.
  • Interview and select either a certified nurse midwife or licensed midwife with privileges at The Birthing Inn.
  • To request an estimate of your insurance benefits or discuss your specific concerns about billing and your insurance coverage, please contact our Billing Director, Kim Olson at or 253-761-8939.

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2nd Trimester – 12 to 28 Weeks

You’re on your way! Your energy should be increasing and you’re stepping back into a (somewhat) normal life.

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3rd Trimester – 28 Weeks to Delivery

Almost there! You are in the final days of your pregnancy, just a few more items to check off the list before your sweet baby arrives.

  • Attend your childbirth & post birth workshops
  • Choose your baby's care provider (pediatrician or family provider)
  • 36 weeks is when The Birthing Inn will EMAIL you your registration forms through DocuSign.
  • Be sure to have your Midwife's phone number so you can call her directly when in labor.

4th Trimester – Delivery to 3 Months

Congratulations! Your journey with your newborn has just begun. After your birth at The Birthing Inn, be sure to check the rest of these to-do’s off your list.

  • Schedule your 2 day, 2 week and 6 week postpartum visits with your midwife.
  • Schedule your initial Well-Baby visit with your baby’s care provider.
  • Schedule your baby's hearing screening with your midwife or pediatrician.
  • Ask for lactation support through your midwife or local lactation support groups or through our in house IBCLC, Zoe.
  • Consider hiring a postpartum Doula for support.
  • Attend our First Friday Postpartum Social to connect with others in their 4th trimester.