Pregnancy Timeline

Planning your birth can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! We’ll take you through each trimester, step by step, to help you understand what happens in each and how The Birthing Inn can support you throughout your remarkable experience.

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1st Trimester – Conception to 12 Weeks

Congratulations on your Pregnancy! These are the first days of your journey. Here are some of the ways The Birthing Inn will help you along this trimester.

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2nd Trimester – 12 to 28 Weeks

You’re on your way! Your energy should be increasing and you’re stepping back into a (somewhat) normal life.

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3rd Trimester – 28 Weeks to Delivery

Almost there! You are in the final days of your Pregnancy Journey, just a few more items to check off the list before your bundle of joy arrives.

  • Attend your Pregnancy, Labor, and Childbirth course.
  • Choose your baby’s care provider.
  • At 36 weeks, come in and register for your birth at The Birthing Inn.
  • When labor begins, be sure to contact your midwife directly.

4th Trimester – Delivery to 3 Months

Congratulations! Your journey with The Birthing Inn is almost over but the journey with your newborn is just beginning. After your birth at TBI, be sure to check the rest of these to-do’s off your list.

  • Schedule your Well-Baby visit with your baby’s care provider.
  • Ask for lactation support through your midwife or local lactation support groups.
  • Consider hiring postpartum Doula support.
  • Schedule your postpartum visits with your midwife.
  • Sign up for your baby’s hearing screen through here