Breastfeeding & Newborn Basics

"Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck."

La Leche League

breastfeeding image 2.jpg

Learn what to expect during the "fourth trimester" and tips for establishing a happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship with your baby! Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Topics covered include:

  • How breastfeeding works
  • Latching technique
  • Various positions for feeding
  • What Feeding Cues Look Like
  • The back up bottle
  • Challenges with breasfeeding ​
  • Tips for soothing baby​
  • Bath time
  • Diaper changing
  • Setting real expectations
  • Resources for support
  • And much more!​

Cost: $85.00 per couple

Join us for this informative 3 hour class! Remember you will be taking your baby home:)