parent education

We HIGHLY recommend signing up for classes EARLY IN PREGNANCY, classes do SELL OUT!

Anyone birthing in our community is welcome, classes are not limited to those giving birth at The Birthing Inn only.

Birth and bringing a child into the world is a profound and powerful transformational experience. Gaining insight into what is ahead will allow time for absorbing, reflecting on and applying what you have learned. Consider what is important to you and what might your preferences be? What kind of care and support would you like to have? Which type of provider and/or birth place will most align with your choices?

We offer 2 choices for childbirth education, an accelerated 1-day class or a 4-week series and a 1-day body preparedness workshop.

Postpartum, breastfeeding & newborn care is offered separately, as an accelerated 1-day workshop or a 3-week series.

You don't want to miss either one to give you the most knowledge for your birth & parenthood journey!

Meet Our Instructors!

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Dianne Cesarotti, ICCE, Certified BRM pro, doula

I was drawn into birthwork many years ago after the birth of my first child. Being well supported through the experience it seemed a natural thing to begin offering the same support to others.

Since that time, supporting birth in any way that was needed, whether as a doula, educator or assisstant to the midwife is something I consider to be a great honor. Living, serving and giving birth in various countries also helped shape my experience and views of birth and life. I am the mother of nine grown children, born in six different countries.

In addition to being an Internationally certified Childbirth Educator, I also recently trained and certified as a Body Ready Method Pro. (see I look forward to sharing this understanding of how body balance and mechanics can facilitate birth. The connectivity and intelligence within our bodies, in fact within all nature is truly remarkable.


Riva Lane, midwife assistant, doula, experienced mom

Riva is the mother of 3 young kids and has almost 7 years of experience feeding her babies including nursing throughout pregnancy and tandem feeding. She has in-depth experience pumping and donating breast milk locally as well as through Prolacta for micro-preemies. Riva has a library of many types of baby carriers and great trouble shooting advice when taking care of an infant from the initial newborn stage through the first year and beyond. She began birth work in 2018 after a transformative pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience here at The Birthing Inn in 2017 and began as a midwife assistant to all of the midwives at the inn since 2019. She has continuing education in birth and postpartum doula care, lactation support & anatomy, newborn assessment, infant growth & development, as well as trauma informed care.

Riva loves all things birth, and truly believes in helping prepare you for and understand the importance of the changes that take place postpartum. She has wonderful knowledge of newborn care and infant feeding with the goal to help you get breastfeeding and parenthood off to a wonderful start!


Zoe Ruaboro, Lactation Education Counselor, IBCLC

Zoe is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Lactation Education Counselor. She is also a wife, and homeschooling mom who dabbles in gardening, baking, art, and reading.

Zoe has spent the past 5 years pursuing education and training that would allow her to support women and their babies, and is very passionate in her work. She offers a holistic and collaborative approach to lactation care, embracing mother’s and baby’s unique physiology, autonomy and intuition. When it comes to breastfeeding education, Zoe emphasizes the importance of identifying your infant feeding goals, understanding what is normal & expected, and the power of support. Zoe knows that when moms are truly supported and taken care of, then so are their babies.

After your baby’s arrival, Zoe is available for one on one lactation help. No matter what your feeding goals are, she is here to help you reach them with peace and confidence.


Adrianne Buyer, BRB Educator, BRM Pro, CD(DONA), CBE

Adrianne immediately fell in love with birth as she prepared to have her first child. During that time she began to read and take many classes on pregnancy and birth. Once she moved to the PNW she became a birth doula and was able to dive into attending births. She loves supporting families in their journey of learning to trust their body, their instincts, and to step into their power while bringing life into this world. Adrianne strives to help you create the best pregnancy, labor & birth for you through education and movement/body awareness.

Adrianne is a certified Body Ready Birth educator, certified Body Ready Method Pro, a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, and certified in acupressure for labor and birth. She believes in whole body wellness and preparedness for pregnancy, birth and beyond.