Our Mission 

warm, cozy, + peaceful 

The existence of the birthing inn is to serve women and their families in a holistic, non-interventive manner and most of all allow women "freedom of choice based on the knowledge of alternatives". The birthing inn and it's staff members hold space for and honor all kinds of kinds!

Our Story

The Birthing Inn is Tacoma’s only freestanding birth center! We practice a family-centered, holistic, alternative approach to birth. Each of our three lovely birth suites is well equipped for a variety of natural childbirth options and ready for you and your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since opening our doors in 1999, The Birthing Inn has welcomed nearly 3,000 beautiful new babies into warm, cozy, and peaceful surroundings. At TBI, birth experiences are tailor-made for each laboring woman so every baby has the benefit of a gentle beginning. Natural childbirth can take a variety of forms and TBI stands ready to support your ideal birth, what ever that may look like. We offer large soaking tubs for water births, a selection of birth stools, and many other options for the emotional and physical support of each of our laboring clients. In addition TBI is so grateful St Joseph's Medical Center and Tacoma General are just down the road when we need them.

Out-of-hospital births are safe. Here’s why.

It’s very important that each family gathers information and makes the best choice for pregnancy and birth. Women will give birth the most effectively where they feel the safest. If TBI is your safe birth place, we want to make sure your family has up to date information to allow the most supportive environment. Below are a few resources to help our clients and their families understand why the Midwifery Model of Care and choosing a birth in a freestanding birth center may be the best choice for them.

Having a hard time understanding why someone you love would want to have an out of hospital birth? The documentary “The Business of Being Born” provides an overview and comparison look at hospital versus out of hospital birth. The movie is available for purchase on iTunes, on DVD, streaming on Netflix, and at available for checkout at most local libraries. You can learn more about this film at here!

  • An interview with STACY KEIBLER


“This is where I had my son. Such a beautiful place. I SLEPT between contractions in my big, warm birthing tub and when Ashton was born, he was sound asleep and so peaceful. Best experience!”