postpartum, newborn & breastfeeding education

"Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck."

La Leche League

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postpartum, newborn care & breastfeeding workshop (1 day or 3 week series options)

Join Riva for a full 1 day or once a week for 3 week series on all things "Settling in With Baby". You will learn what to expect during the "fourth trimester" and tips for establishing a happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship with your baby!

This workshop aims to build confidence in your postpartum recovery, basic newborn safety and care and prepare you for your breastfeeding experience with modern, evidence based information.

Topics covered include:

  • What is the 4th trimester?
  • Postpartum physical, emotional and mental health
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Newborn health, characteristics and behaviors
  • Caring for a newborn, normal appearance and abilities
  • Bath time with ease
  • Different feeding choices
  • ​How breastfeeding works and setting you up for success
  • Managing breastfeeding challenges
  • The back up bottle
  • Diaper changing and what to watch for
  • Baby wearing demo of 5+ carrier types
  • Basic car seat safety
  • Setting real expectations
  • Resources for support
  • And much more!​

Sign up soon as this is a popular workshop! You don't want to miss real life, modern mom breastfeeding, life can be messy, amazing advice and guidance from Riva! Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

What our class participants are saying:

"Our instructor was a delight! She was very knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful. The environment felt warm and comforting. I liked the small size class and it felt more like an open conversation than a "boring classroom" I was originally expecting. We learned a lot!"

"It was obvious Riva is very knowledgeable. The class was well structured, had good time management and a perfect amount of hands on experience. Not a moment of time was wasted."

"The class was packed with valuable information and Riva was a great instructor!"

Cost: $165.00 per couple

Join us for this informative 6 hour 1 day class or 3 week, 2.5 hour per week series and leave with confidence entering this new stage!

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breastfeeding foundations

Join Zoe, IBCLC with River Lactation, for this Comprehensive breastfeeding class where you will learn:

  • All about the benefits of breastfeeding
  • About the anatomy of the breast & milk production
  • How to start breastfeeding with a solid foundation, achieving a good latch, and knowing what to expect.
  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk.
  • About common challenges while breastfeeding and how to overcome them
  • When and whom to seek professional guidance
  • How partners can be involved

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Cost: $95.00 per couple

Join us for this informative 2.5 hour 1 day class and leave with information for a successful beginning!

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pumping basics

Join Zoe, IBCLC with River Lactation, for this in-depth pumping class where we will discuss:

  • The different types of breast pumps and how to choose
  • How pumping should feel
  • How the pump works to mimic a baby at the breast
  • Common issues that can come up when pumping
  • Choosing a bottle and how to bottle feed
  • Milk storage guidelines
  • Sample pumping "schedules"

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Cost: $55.00 per couple

Join us for this informative 1.5 hour 1 day class to learn the introduction to all things pumping!