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childbirth education series (1 day OR 4 week series options)

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Our childbirth education is offered in both a 1 day accelerated or a 4 week "digest a little at a time" series that meets once a week. With a focus on childbirth preparation, understanding birth physiology and how to support it, natural coping methods intended for use whether you choose home, birth center or the hospital, these eclectic and fun classes cover many aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

The 1 day course covers the same material as in the 4 week series but at a faster pace.

Topics covered: What is going on in birth? What aids and supports the process and what can hinder it. Relaxation vs Stress and its impact on the labor process. The mind and its role in childbirth. Natural pain coping techniques. Stages and phases of labor- what is actually going on? Working with your body and baby towards birth. Interventions/doing the next best thing. Medicinal pain relief options. Cesarean birth.

Come and meet other expectant parents and gain a deep understanding of the childbirth process. The multi-week time frame allows more time for questions and processing the information covered each week.

What our customers are saying:

"We really had no idea what to expect. "WOW"!!!!!! What an excellent class! Thank you soooooo much for all of the information and most importantly the LOVE!!!"

"Time flew by-excellent content, exceeded expectations!"

"Very welcoming and friendly, NEVER made anyone feel bad about the choices they were making for their birth! Not super traditional I liked the more cultural approach!"

"Fantastic energy for an all day class. Practical information and useful tips & tools."

Cost: $195 per couple

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Body Ready Birth Workshop

This Body Ready Birth workshop is a 1 day, class with online access to educational videos and information once the class is completed. This class is not a comprehensive childbirth education class and we recommend taking that class too (and early in your pregnancy if possible).

This class will help you: know what to do with your body when (and why) in each stage of labor to progress smoothly; cut through the endless ‘tips and tricks’ and learn what really works; have complete confidence that you know what works in your body; PLUS you’ll learn specific, hands-on techniques for your partner to use to help with progress and comfort too!

Your body was designed for this process – Help it remember how!

  • Practice the most effective birth positions before birth so you’re ready to intuitively find the position your body needs when it needs it
  • Create functional mobility in your pelvis to proactively address common musculoskeletal reasons for delays in labor
  • Prepare all 3 levels of the pelvis differently so you can open it for exactly where baby is during labor
  • Get your partner ready by practicing hands-on techniques together
  • Empower yourself to be an active part of birthing your baby and stack the cards in your favor for a more efficient birthing process

With this class you get:

  • 4 hours of in-person class time to learn and practice functional movement
  • Learn hands-on techniques to practice with your partner
  • Time with me, a certified Body Ready Method Pro, to ask questions and gain knowledge
  • Online access to targeted birth training and movement videos to easily continue to practice at home and create that muscle-brain connection as well as printable handouts to have with you in labor
  • Lifetime access to the online platform

Partners are welcomed and encouraged to attend so they can learn the hands-on techniques to help you during labor.

Cost: $175.00 per couple

Join us for this informative one-day workshop. The wisdom is already inside your body and I am here to help you access it!